What is the difference in polymer rc lipo battery and rc lipo battery

        At present, the difference between the polymer rc lipo battery and the rc lipo battery is as follows:

1 appearance: as long as the aluminum foil package package, it will probably be called rc lipo polymer battery. Polymer batteries because there is no metal shell, the advantage is thin. But the disadvantage is that there is no metal shell protection, vulnerable to external damage.

2 security: due to the use of flexible polymer battery pack, and the liquid electrolyte is less, if the unfortunate battery problems, the battery will expand, so that the battery plate between the poor fit caused by open circuit. And if the situation is more serious, but also to crack the release of the joint release pressure, there is no risk of explosion of fire. While the metal shell encapsulated rc lipo battery, although there will be the design of the vent, but when the pressure or temperature is too high, the risk of explosion and fire will be higher.
Polymer batteries can only be said that the design of the body to make it less likely to explode on fire, but in fact, the chemical characteristics of the material can be said to be almost the same, really want to engage in the same small burn up is also quite scary

3 cycle life: early Ericsson polymer battery, the use of a few months later often see the obvious expansion of the battery, the performance is also an instant drop. With technological progress, the current high quality polymer battery life is also improved a lot, but still less than the same level of polymer rc lipo batteries.

4 price: in the production of technology and cost, the polymer battery is higher than the rc lipo battery.

     Polymer rc lipo battery life
Right: the number of the completed rc lipo battery life and charging period, and there is no direct relationship between the number of charging.
Simple to understand, for example, a rc lipo battery on the first day only half of the electricity, then it is full of electricity. If the second day is also the case, that is, with half charge, a total of two charge down, which can only be counted as a charge cycle, rather than two. Therefore, it is usually possible to go through several times to complete a cycle of charging. Each complete a charge cycle, the power will be reduced a little. However, to reduce the magnitude of the very small, high-quality battery charge repeatedly cycle will still retain the original charge of 80%, a lot of rc lipo battery powered products in after a couple of years later still used as usual, and it is for this reason. Of course, life to rc lipo will eventually need to be replaced.
The rc lipo battery life is generally 300 ~ 500 charging cycle. If a full discharge charge Q, without taking into account each charging cycle after the power reduction, is rc lipo in its life span, a total of can or to provide the power for the added 300Q-500Q. From this we know that if you use 1/2 to charge each time, then you can charge 600-1000 times; if you charge with 1/3, you can charge 1500 to 900 times. And so on, if the random number is not charging. In short, no matter how the charge, a total of 300Q ~ 500Q added to the power of this point is constant. So, we can also understand this: the life of rc lipo battery life and the total charge of the battery, and the number of times has nothing to do. Deep into a deep and shallow shallow filling filling put influence on the life of rc lipo had little difference.
In fact, shallow shallow charge of more benefit to the rc lipo, only in the product power modules for rc lipo battery calibration, deep discharge charge and deep. So the use of rc lipo battery powered products do not have to stick in the process, all to facilitate the first, at any time charge, need not worry about the impact of life.
Polymer rc lipo battery
If at a higher rate than the specified operating temperature, namely more than 35 DEG C environment use rc lipo battery, battery consumption will continue to decrease, namely battery power supply time is not as usual as long. If at this temperature, but also for the equipment to charge, it will be more damage to the battery. Even in a relatively hot environment to store the battery, it will inevitably cause the corresponding damage to the quality of the battery. So, try to keep the operating temperature of norms is a good way to prolong the life of rc lipo battery.
 If in the low temperature environment, namely below 4 degrees C using rc lipo, will also found the use time of the battery has been reduced, some of the phone's original rc lipo battery in the low temperature environment even charging not. But do not worry too much, this is only a temporary situation, different from the use of high temperature environment, once the temperature rise, the molecular heat of the battery, it is immediately restored to the previous power.
In order to play the maximum effectiveness of the rc lipo ion battery, you need to use it frequently, let the electronic rc lipo is always in flow state. If you do not often use rc lipo battery, please must remember a month to rc lipo completed a charge cycle, a power calibration, deep discharge charge and deep one.
The above is a small series for you to introduce the polymer rc lipo battery and rc lipo battery difference, hoping to help you.

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