A compelling advantage of Li-poly cells is that manufacturers can shape the battery almost however they please. Some airsoft gun owners have switched to LiPo batteries due to the above reasons and the increased rate of fire they provide. Li-po batteries are gaining favor in the world of radio-controlled aircraft, radio-controlled cars and large scale model trains, where the advantages of lower weight and increased capacity and power delivery justify the price. A low voltage cutoff (LVC) setting maintains cell voltage greater than (typically) 3.2 V per cell under load.
As of the beginning of 2013, Li-po products are widespread. They feature charge rates up to 5~15C, and 70C continuous discharge rates, with 140C burst discharge, although smaller batteries with lower C-ratings, (45C continuous discharge, 90C burst) are more common, while still delivering 250 cycles.

We have been active in manufacturing batteries for over ten years. We have always been a leader in bringing the newest technologies to the battery industry area. In the past decades, we mainly focused on OEM service, using to provide our AGA Power cells to some famous brands and great distributors in Europe & USA mostly, we also have military background, so there is no doubt that we could offer you high quality RC Lipo battery.

Quickly and intuitively we recognised the potential and advantages offered by the lithium polymer technology and were one of the first to manufacture the high-current lithium polymer rechargeable batteries in China. Because we believe that our engineers could control the quality of the cells when productions, as our engineer is a senior engineer, which has more than ten years experiences in RC industry, most of the Chinese factories are set up by him and acquired many technology patents, we believe that we will have more advantages than other factories.

Nowadays we are one of manufactures with the longest history and the largest scale in China and can justly claim to be a market leader in the lithium polymer technology.

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