Corporate Culture

We have built solidarity, innovation, concision and diligence into our production.

Advancing together, sharing happiness!
AGA's Factory : to become one of the biggest suppliers for battery in the world!
AGA Brand: to become one of the most famous battery brands in the world!

AGA's operations:
Profitable returns-- good corporate operation;
Healthy development-- good corporate management;
Joyful work-- good corporate culture;
Long-living corporation-- good corporate team.

AGA's values:
AGA business creates value by using scientific methods and technology and hard work.
All the values created by AGA are shared by all the stakeholders,not only the shareholders, but also employees. corporate, customers and community.
Return on investment to shareholders;
Promising career to employees;
Healthy and strong development of the corporate;
Satisfaction of products and service customers;
Harmony and progress of society.

AGA's universal love spirit:
Love country, love family, love company, and love ourselves.

AGA management philosophy:
Safety management-- we commit to compliance and regulations of the government,with healthy, stable investment and self-development;
Team management-- we commit to development of eliite individuals and learning teams, with focus of unity;
Integrity management-- we commit to transparent corporate management, with sincerity and honesty to all stakeholders;
Detail management-- we commit to all-round supervision to whole production process from R&D to after-sales service, with focus of quality products and service;
Technology management-- we commit to develop state of art technology, sales forces, service level and professionals, with avoidance of high commission/high-cost sales model.

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