Correct use method of remote control RC HELI LIPO BATTERY

        1 charging time 2 - 4 hours (not too long, a long time will seriously affect the battery life and the occurrence of risk)
 2.The first charge can not be a long time, and when you charge for peace (do not enter the nickel metal hydride battery error)
    3 can not completely use the photovoltaic (full use of light, the battery life also has a serious impact) a rc heli lipo battery can 

be the number of times the discharge is also a few times, more than 4 of the use of the process, see fast no electricity, and feel the 

lack of use on the red, can be filled with the best, not to worry about!  
With the use of charge, with the charge with! This is the 

slogan of the inventor of the rc heli lipo battery, and if the nickel hydrogen battery charging so much trouble, who also invented a 

lot of rc heli lipo batteries than the stability of the nickel hydrogen battery ah! Is not the main value of the convenience of the rc heli lipo battery!

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