Basic knowledge of rc lipo battery

     In today's world, the use of rc lipo battery is very common, but also the most rapid development of civilian chemical power supply, and become mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs and digital cameras and other portable consumer electronics products preferred power supply. The use of people's life is increasingly dependent on the rc lipo battery, it can be described as "rc lipo around the world, no rc lipo can't do anything". However, rc lipo battery in the use or improper packaging and other circumstances, it may cause the risk of fire, but once it is on fire, the fire is difficult to be extinguished in a short time. Given in work and in life, we will often encounter problems associated with rc lipo battery. Therefore, the following from the perspective of the definition, safety packaging and use, air transport requirements, the questions and answers with you share some basic knowledge of rc lipo battery.

   Question 1: what types of rc lipo batteries? rc lipo batteries can be roughly divided into two categories: rc lipo metal batteries and rc lipo ion batteries. rc lipo metal batteries are usually not rechargeable, and the metal state of rc lipo. rc lipo ion battery does not contain metal state of rc lipo, and can be charged.

   Question 2: what is the difference between a rc lipo battery core and a rc lipo battery? The rc lipo battery core is a single electrochemical sealing unit, which is composed of a positive electrode and a negative electrode. A rc lipo battery is composed of one or more rc lipo battery cores through a circuit.

   Question 3: how to determine the rc lipo-ion battery rated watt hours?  
Rated watt hour (Wh) is a standard specification for rc lipo ion batteries. If known battery nominal voltage (V) and nominal capacity (ah), we can calculate the watt hour rating is obtained numerically: Wh= V x ah and the, namely ampere hours multiplied by the nominal voltage equal to kwh.
Question 4: the risk of rc lipo batteries?  
The risk of rc lipo battery depends on its Question 8: what are the main documents that are normally included in the air transport of rc lipo batteries? In the air transport, should abide by the International Civil Aviation Organization of the dangerous goods air transport safety technical details ". rc lipo is a kind of metal that is especially prone to react, and it is flammable. In case of water or humid air will release the flammable gas hydrogen. When the solid state, when the temperature exceeds the melting point of 180 degrees Celsius, can be spontaneous combustion. Error operation, physical impact, such as easy to cause the rc lipo battery outside the short circuit or short circuit, resulting in rc lipo battery system is damaged, causing high temperature overheat fire.

  Question 5: how to safe packaging rc lipo batteries for transportation?  
One of the most important risks when the rc lipo battery is transported is that the battery is in contact with other batteries, metal objects or other conductors to cause short circuit. Accordingly, the battery pack and the battery pack must be packed in an appropriate manner to prevent the occurrence of a short package.
Breakage of road and electrode. In addition, the battery and the battery core must be packed in strong outer packing, or installed in the equipment.
   Question 6: how to effectively prevent the short circuit protection of rc lipo battery? I. Prevent rc lipo battery short circuit including but not limited to, the following methods: A. under feasible. Non conductive materials (such as plastic bag made of completely enclosed within the packaging for each battery; B. using appropriate way for cell isolation or packaging, make it impossible to and package installed in the other battery, equipment or a conductive material, such as metal contact with each other, and the bare electrode or plug using non-conductive protective cap, insulating tape, or by other appropriate means to protect.  
C. if the external packaging can not resist the impact, then we can not only use the outer packing as the only way to prevent damage or short circuit of the battery electrode. Batteries should also be used to prevent movement of the pad, or due to the movement of the electrode cap loose, or change the direction of the electrode is easy to cause a short circuit.  
II. The electrode protection methods including but not limited to the following measures: A. will firmly attach electrodes have sufficient strength to cover;
B. pack the battery in a rigid plastic package; and the battery electrode is designed to use a recess or have other protection methods, so that even if the package is dropped, the electrode will not be damaged.

Question 7: how to prevent the installation of rc lipo batteries to prevent the accidental start?  
rc lipo battery is installed in the equipment, packaging equipment should to prevent accidental activation, or have prevent accidental activation measures (such as: packaging can prevent contact switch, a switch protective cap or lock, switch using the sag design). This requirement does not apply to devices (such as watches, sensors, etc.) that are activated in transit, and does not apply to devices that do not generate heat enough to endanger packaging or personal safety.
  Question 8: what are the main documents that are normally included in the air transport of rc lipo batteries? In the air transport, should abide by the International Civil Aviation Organization of the dangerous goods air transport safety technical details ", the International Air Transport Association of the transport of dangerous goods regulations" and relevant international air transport of dangerous goods regulations.

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