Characteristics and characteristics of rc lipo battery (polymer)

       According to the rc lipo ion battery the electrolyte material of different rc lipo ion battery points for liquid rc lipo ion battery (liquified rc lipo-ion battery, referred to as LIB) and polymer rc lipo ion battery (polymer rc lipo-ion battery, referred to as the PLB) or plastic rc lipo ion battery (plastic rc lipo ion batteries, referred to as the PLB). Polymer rc lipo ion battery positive and negative electrode materials and liquid rc lipo ion is the same, the cathode material points for cobalt acid rc lipo, rc lipo manganese oxide, ternary materials and rc lipo iron phosphate for the anode and graphite, the battery working principle are basically the same. The main difference between them lies in the electrolyte, rc lipo ion battery using liquid electrolyte, polymer rc lipo ion battery is in a solid polymer electrolyte instead, this polymer can be dry state, can also be a "colloidal". At present, most of the polymer gel electrolyte. What are the characteristics of the polymer rc lipo battery, and AGA POWER under the general battery company to understand the next.

   1, monomer battery voltage high polymer rc lipo battery voltage 3.6V, is three times that of the nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride battery voltage.

   2, higher than the energy. Polymer battery specific energy has reached 140Wh/kg, 3 times 1.5 times of nickel cadmium battery, nickel hydrogen battery.

  3, since the discharge is small, in place for a long time after the loss of its capacity is very small.

   4, long cycle life. At present, the cycle life of the polymer rc lipo battery has reached more than 1000 times, and it can reach tens of thousands of times in the low discharge depth, and more than two other batteries.

   5, light weight polymer rc lipo battery weight than the same capacity specifications of the steel shell rc lipo battery light 40%, compared with aluminum shell rc lipo battery light 20%.


   6, the shape can be customized manufacturers do not have to be confined to the standard form, to be able to make the appropriate size of the economy. Polymer battery can increase or decrease the thickness of the electric core according to the needs of customers, develop new core types, cheap price, short molding cycle, and some can even tailored according to the shape of the mobile phone, in order to make full use of the space of the battery case, and to enhance the capacity of the battery.

   7, small resistance polymer batteries internal resistance than conventional liquid electric core is small, the current domestic polymer electric core resistance can even do a 35m K less, greatly reduce the self power consumption of the battery.

    8, simple design of a protective plate as a result of the use of polymer materials, batteries without fire, explosion, electric core itself has enough safety. Therefore, polymer battery protection circuit design can consider omitting PTC and fuse, thus saving battery cost.

   9, good safety performance. rc lipo polymer batteries in the structure of the plastic flexible packaging, don't to the liquid core of the metal shell, once the security hidden danger, liquid explosive batteries, and polymer batteries might only tambour.

   10, no pollution to the environment. There is no harmful substance in the rc lipo polymer battery, which is a real green battery ".

      Note a short attention
Polymer rc lipo ion battery, the charging process is prone to short circuit conditions. Including: internal short circuit, external short circuit, etc..  
Although, now most of the rc lipo ion battery with anti short circuit protection, and explosion-proof line, but in many cases, the protection circuit in a variety of situations does not necessarily play a role, the explosion-proof wires can play a role is very limited.  
Two don't charge the charge
Polymer rc lipo ion battery, if the charging time is too long, the possibility of expansion will increase.  
The chemical properties of rc lipo is very lively, very easy to burn, when the battery charge and discharge, the internal battery continues to heat up, activation process generated by the expansion of gases, the pressure in the battery is increased, the pressure to a certain degree, such as shell has a scar that may rupture, causing leakage, fire and even explosion. And polymer rc lipo ion battery will only expand, and hope that AGA  POWER general battery company this short message can help more people.
Everyone in the use of time, we must pay attention to safety.

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