rc lipo battery

       "rc lipo battery", is a kind of rc lipo metal or rc lipo alloy as cathode materials, the use of non aqueous electrolyte solution of the battery. The rc lipo metal battery was first proposed and studied by N. Lewis Gilbert in 1912. In 1970s, S. Whittingham M. put forward and began to study rc lipo ion batteries. Due to the chemical properties of rc lipo metal is very lively, making rc lipo metal processing, storage, use, very high requirements for the environment. So, rc lipo battery has not been applied for a long time. With the development of science and technology, rc lipo battery has become the mainstream.
rc lipo batteries can be roughly divided into two categories: rc lipo metal batteries and rc lipo ion batteries. rc lipo ion batteries do not contain metal state of rc lipo, and can be charged. Fifth generation rc lipo metal battery rechargeable battery was born in 1996, its safety, specific capacity, self discharge rate and performance price ratio are better than rc lipo ion batteries. Due to its high technology requirements, only a handful of companies are now producing this kind of rc lipo metal battery.
   rc lipo metal batteries are generally use of manganese dioxide as cathode material, rc lipo metal or its alloy metal as anode material, using nonaqueous electrolyte battery.
   rc lipo ion battery is generally used as the cathode material of rc lipo alloy metal oxide, graphite as cathode material, the use of non aqueous electrolyte battery.
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