Australian air cabin smoke culprit is a cell phone re lipo batteries

               Australian Transport Safety Bureau issued a survey report on Thursday, referring to the Australian airline passenger plane in May occurred in the engine room smoking accident, caused by the mobile phone re lipo batteries.
Australia's aviation related A380 aircraft, in May 15th by the Sydney to the United States, Dallas, the United States, a passenger 2 hours before landing found smoke, notify the crew. The crew immediately started the fire drill program, the use of fire extinguishers on the machine to the source of smoke, the incident has not become a major accident.
   Investigation report praised the rapid response of the crew, but also pointed out that it is necessary to teach aircraft passengers using re lipo batteries of electronic equipment knowledge. Qantas responded that, each year hundreds of millions of re lipo batteries by aircraft carrier, identity of the crew and passengers of education, in the prevention of similar incidents are equally important.
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