UAV penetration of ten new applications of the most recent market point

    From the air ambulance to sketch artist, UAV seems to have become a new application from all walks of life pursuit.As a RC HELI LIPO BATTERY maker, small make up for you to take stock of the latest applications of the uav.

Welcome to the UAV era, from the fire to help tennis sparring, UAV twenty-first Century seems to be a tool with the most potential. In 2016 the UAV still seems to be a new application in all walks of life after, in the past six months, the UAV and some new uses, here are some scientists, government agencies or foreign enterprises to launch new uses:

    Air ambulance"

Silicon Valley invasive Zipline program in the United States, Maryland, Nevada and Washington state remote and rural areas and the Indian reserve to carry out the development of the UAV drug transport project. To this end, Zipline has three health partnerships, and has Smith in Maryland and Washington island in the San Juan Islands, included in the preliminary plan. UAV called Zips Zipline, can carry up to 3 pounds (1.36 kg) weight of blood and drug, a charge up to fly 75 miles (120 km), in the Zipline system, the hospital system only to send the required drugs and blood sources, the 10 kilogram UAV can be based on GPS navigation, goods will be delivered in 30 minutes.
In cooperation with the government of Rwanda, Zipline in the local start of the unmanned aerial vehicles to transport drugs and blood. The goal is to deliver 150 medical products to 21 medical sites in the west of Rwanda every day. 15. Zipline has applied to the FAA for the exemption, to obtain a license within six months to start the implementation of the first year
    Fire with fire

Researchers at the University of Nebraska have developed a UAV, the size of the UAV and the child's helmet almost every direction there is a horizontal propeller. A transparent tube extends out from the top of the pipe, placed a white meet, such as table tennis ball size, the operating instructions, the UAV can be mixed the glycol ball, lit the ground weeds, preventing the fire from spreading, but also to protect the safety of other firefighters, it reduces the cost of flying.

   Mosquito carrying walled card

Mosquitoes are a serious public health problem in most parts of the world. It is estimated that about 700 million people a year of mosquito borne diseases, and every seventeen people, one person died of mosquito borne diseases, which especially in the tropics. Hot and humid summer, is also a mosquito disease prone season.
In addition to creating a better mosquito trap and development model, the ProjectPremonition team is also studying how to use UAV technology, in the short term, it can be used to help track the spread of Zika virus and other diseases, while in the long term, it can be used to slow down the next outbreak. In a short time, researchers want to use a computer vision technology to find the drones may carry the disease to gather. Using drones rather than real people can greatly reduce the cost of time and money. In the long run, the researchers hope to use drones to transport their new mosquito traps and placed in remote areas - rather than walking a few hours on a real man, manual catch mosquitoes.

    Passenger plane physical examination"

The French aircraft manufacturer Airbus Company using small UAV carries a high resolution camera, according to a predetermined flight track surface on the plane around by the automatic flight control system operated by a driver, the whole monitoring.
The image is automatically stored and compiled into a three-dimensional digital model, which is used for the analysis of the appearance quality defects. Airbus says this approach helps to improve the quality of traceability, prevent and reduce aircraft damage.
Under normal circumstances, the aircraft inspectors need to use the lifting platform in 2 hours by plane surface quality inspection, and the use of small UAV only 10-15 minutes, but also improve the safety and comfort.
     Air broadband
  Facebook successfully tested the Aquila UAV in Yuma, Arizona, to provide network in remote areas. Aquila without the use of solar powered UAV, life time of up to three months, with the Boeing 737 long wingspan, about 43 meters, weighing about 454 kg, the body is made of high strength carbon fiber material, light weight, good environmental stability of extreme temperature. During the work, Aquila by the helium balloon to climate stable stratosphere, day flight altitude of 27 thousand meters, avoid commercial airline, absorb and store solar energy; at an altitude of 18 thousand meters, energy saving. Aquila uses laser technology to transmit signals that can cover a radius of 50 km.
At present there are still many Internet of the dead, from the cost and construction difficulty point of view, these areas for a long time can not be the construction of ground network equipment to provide Internet services through the Aqulia UAV can low the cost of the program will cover the world.
   Retrieve memory
  Ohio, a small company using drones to help dying people find happiness and happy memories. AerialAnthropology and the elderly dying patients to help them with the family of the elderly to take pictures of their favorite place, will be taken to the scene through the YouTube real-time playback to the patient lying on the bed.

    Tennis assistant
  VirginActive released the first UAV to improve the design ability for tennis, called "TheDrone-ovic", a full range of angles can be unable to think from the previous and super high serve, is the traditional ball machine is not up to the position of the ball. Drone-ovic can calculate the best way to fight back according to the exact algorithm, so as to improve the quality of service, to give the players a different experience. The TheDrone-ovic is equipped with 4K resolution camera, overlooking the hitting process, analysis of batting performance athletes from the point of view of technology, improve the technical level of stroke. The UAV as tennis serving machine, training the students to practise tennis smash, and through the aircraft aerial camera, recording their swing, as the electronic assistant tennis teaching.
   Whale observation
  The UAV has become the preferred tool for researchers in the summer, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists rely on tracking and recording of Hawaii islands humpback whale uav. The use of large vessels in the past is very easy to scare whale, it is difficult to observe their natural behavior. Using Drones will not only reduce the impact on animals, but also reduce the risk of scientists.
   Mine sweeping UAV
  The world is thought to have about 100 million mines, each year thousands of people died of these mines, most of them are innocent civilians. "Mine unmanned aerial vehicle" MKD mine sweeping UAV can change the lives of millions of people around the world, to save countless lives.
Researchers estimate that the elimination of all the mines around the world will be more than 1000, spending more than $30 billion. But now British scientists have been able to meet the unmanned aerial vehicle with a special imaging technology, so that they found the cause of the leak caused by the explosion of the plant is not unusual. MKD can automatically map and probe and set off mine drones, this technology may be able to clear off all of the earth on the earth in less than 10 years. This is an ambitious goal, and it is a worthwhile goal.
MKD's development team says the MKD is designed to make it easier, safer, and less cost. The MKD UAV has six rotors and three different accessories. The first annex is used to map the area of the map, second accessories that metal detectors for detection of landmines, using GPS markers to mark the location of the mine out. After this, no chance to fly back to the operator side, the metal detector will be replaced as a mechanical arm. UAV first through the mechanical arm to the tennis size of small explosives on the top of the location of the mine, and then returned to the safe range, the mine was detonated. The speed of this method is 20 times of the traditional mine sweeping technology, while the cost of the latter is only 1/200.
   Sketch artist
  A group of computer scientists at the Mcgill University in Montreal, Canada, learned the art of painting by programming. The size of the palm of the aircraft by the use of the art of the moment method, that is, with the dot matrix column to form a complete picture. Researchers used a set of remote control system to "hand" to teach people to draw. The control system includes a dynamic capture camera and a set of custom algorithms.
Up to now, the number of portraits painted by the UAV from 400 to 2000. Of course, the UAV in the process of creating the need to stop to replace the new battery, so that the sponge pen dipped in ink. Later, however, the researchers found a way to replace the battery without the need to replace the battery. In addition, the ink can be hung on the wall, so that the UAV does not need to land and re fly back up. In the future, such writing techniques may be in the larger scene, such as the mural festival in Montreal
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