Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) RC lipo battery six major maintenance rule

         Battery is one of the key factors that uavs can normally off, how to increase its service life is worthy of each uav owners thought problem.
According to the personage inside course of study introduces, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) cell and cell phone battery is RC lipo battery, is the power source equipment, the safety performance requirements are also higher. But again there is a difference between the drone than the phone battery is a significant characteristic, discharge, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery to discharge, in order to meet the using demand of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in different environments, such as aerial, if encounter a strong wind, so need battery can do large current discharge makes the corresponding compensation, ensure the location of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Because the requirement is different, so the relatively short unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery life.

The personage inside course of study also give RC lipo battery user some practical advice:

    1, but put
Battery discharge curve indicates that just began to discharge, the voltage drop is faster, but the discharge between 3.9 ~ 3.7 V, the voltage drop. But once fell to 3.7 V, the voltage drop speed will be faster, bad control leads to discharge, light damage to the battery, or the voltage is too low to cause the airline. Some friends die because the battery is less, so every time, the battery was short-lived. Strategy is, as far as possible to fly a minute, life is a cycle, rather than if I buy more than two pieces of batteries, and don't every time fly to exceed capacity of the battery limit. To make full use of the battery alarm, a alarm should be down as soon as possible.
    2, but  filling
1, use the special charger. The charger can be RC lipo ion or RC lipo polymer dedicated charger, very close to both. Part of mobile phone chargers can be used for rechargeable RC lipo polymer batteries. It won't damage the battery.
2, accurately set the number of monomer battery in the battery pack. First few minutes of the charging you must observe the charger display, in the above shows the number of batteries in the battery pack. If you don't know, you should not be charging or using the charger you are familiar with.
3, for the first time a new RC lipo-ion battery pack, check the battery voltage of each battery monomer, after every ten times also should do the same job. It is absolutely necessary, a battery voltage unbalance when the battery number correct charge will burst. If the battery pack battery monomer voltage vary more than 0.1 v, you should be respectively to get 4.2 v voltage of each battery charge is equal. If after each discharge battery voltage difference monomers are more than 0.1 v, say your battery has been a failure, should be replaced.
4, don't charge unattended
The location of the 5, the use of safe place rechargeable batteries and charger.
6, generally do not have special instructions of manufacturer, the charging current is not more than 1 c. Now supports large current discharge of battery also support more than 1 c current charge. But will greatly shorten the battery life, buy three than buy a battery and battery charging alternately have to charge more cost-effective.

     3, dissatisfaction with electricity save
Fully charged battery, can not be full electricity save more than 3 days, if you don't put off for more than a week, some cells directly bulge, some cells may temporarily don't drum, but several times after full electricity saving, the battery may be scrapped directly. The right way is, therefore, recharging after received the mission, such as in 3 days after the battery no mission, monolithic voltage to charge, please to preserved from 3.80 V to 3.90 V. Again after good electrical charge for various reasons did not fly, also want to be in full within 3 days after discharge of the battery to 3.80 ~ 3.90 V. If don't use the battery in three months, will continue to save the battery charge and discharge time, which can extend battery life. Batteries should be stored in a cool environment, long-term storage battery, best can in sealed bags or sealed box, suggest the environment temperature is 10 ~ 25 ° C, and dry, no corrosive gas.

    4, no damage to the packing
Battery packaging is to prevent the battery explosion and leakage of the important structure of the fire, RC lipo polymer battery of aluminum-plastic film will directly lead to damaged battery fire or explosion. The battery to should take put down gently, fixed the battery on the plane, cable tie to tighten. Because there will be doing a large dynamic flight or fall off, the battery will be thrown out because of the cable tie is not tight, so it is easy to cause the battery damaged skin

    5, do not short circuit
This kind of situation often happen in the process of battery welding line maintenance, and transportation. A short circuit will directly lead to battery lighter or explosion due to fire. When found used batteries in after a period of time break line situation need to welding line, paying special attention to soldering iron don't touch the battery of the positive and negative. Also in the process of transportation battery, the best thing to do is, every cell on a separate set of valve bag and placed in the explosion-proof cabinet and prevent in the process of transportation due to turbulence and collision led to a piece of the battery of the positive and negative hit other conductive material and short circuit at the same time.

    6, not cold

This principle, a lot of friends and fly to ignore. Often have a cold weather in the north or high altitudes, at this time if the battery is placed outside for a long time, its discharge performance will be greatly reduced, if even with normal temperature state of flight time to fly, it will be a problem. The alarm should be the voltage (such as single chip alarm voltage to 3.8 V), because in low temperature environment down fall will be very fast, alarm rang down immediately. Have to give the battery do heat preservation processing, before takeoff batteries are stored in a warm environment, such as house, car, heat preservation box, etc. Fast installation to take off the battery, and perform a flight mission. Flying at low temperature, shorten time to half its normal temperature state as far as possible, to ensure flight safety.

     The personage inside course of study added, everyone don't blindly choose when buying uavs batteries, to consider the brand and market factors such as heat, evaluating performance, to integrate various aspects to consider to choose to suit oneself of uavs batteries.

      Drones industry is a sunrise industry, battery industry is a sunrise industry, development prospects are very broad. RC lipo battery in the future will be more and more applied in the development of comprehensive use, more secure, more intelligent, more popular. AGA POWER  future shenzhen battery co., LTD will continue to develop, in combination with electronics and battery technology, vigorously develop, with emphasis on the AGA POWER brand products, to meet different types of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) guests demand for batteries and smart battery.
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