Guide to pick up the lipo battery


Lithium batteries are the preferred power sources for most electric modelers today. They offer high discharge rates and a high energy storage/weight ratio. Like AGA power has the C-rate from 3C to 100C. However, using them properly and charging them correctly is no trivial task. There are many things to consider before using lithium cells for e-flight. But none is more important than safety.

Here are a few MANDATORY guidelines for charging/using LiPos (Lithium Polymer Batteries).

1. Use only a charger approved for lithium batteries. Do not use Lithium-ion lithium ion battery in mixture and use for other equipment.   

2. Use a constant current, constant voltage (CC/CV) lithium-ion (Li+)battery charge controller and make certain that the correct cell count is set on your charger.

3. Use the Taps. Before you charge a new Lithium pack, check the voltage of each cell individually. Then do this after every tenth cycle there after. If after every discharge the pack is unbalanced you have a faulty cell and that pack must be replaced.

4. Use a safe surface to charge your batteries .Do not expose the lithium ion battery to extreme heat or flame and  connect lithium ion battery to the plug socket or car-cigarette-plug when charge.

5. Do not continue to charge lithium ion battery over specified time and CHARGE AT MORE THAN 1C unless specifically authorized by the pack vendor.

6. DO NOT handle or store with metallic like necklaces, coins or hairpins, etc. Which maybe puncture the cell.  And the lithium ion battery with conspicuous damage or deformation are not suggested to be used.

Which battery should you buy?

With so many choices out there it is difficult to decipher what is marketing hype, what is brand loyalty, and what is outright lies. Battery manufacturers are constantly trying to one up one another. While capitalism can drive prices down, it also can give cause to false claims about products.

One great way to find out what the best battery is, is to look at graphs of the batteries performance. Looking at how low the voltage of the cell drops at various amperages will give 

you a metric to compare that battery to similar size/weight batteries. Any graphs of the batteries performance will be willing to provide by AGA Power.

A final note on choosing a battery. Don't cheap out. Confirm that your batteries are capable of running that the amperage level you plan to use them at. Running a cell at a higher C rating than the battery can handle can not only damage your batteries, but it can also damage your speed control.


If you want to use a 20C battery on 30amp motor, you must use at least a 1500mah battery. The Type

AGA1500/25-3S  Dimension H*W*L(mm): 24*34*72  Weight(g): 129

AGA1500/25-4S  Dimension H*W*L(mm): 32*34*90  Weight(g): 172  

will be suggested.


PS: Better to buy a bit better battery than you need than to destroy your electronics.

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