Through the system of police drones "day" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery technology

        Battery is the core of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) power, without the battery uavs will lose all functions, so that the battery in the role of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is very important. Today invited leading high-tech battery expert Chen yong and you talk about battery technology in unmann edaerial vehicle (uav).

     The first mainstream battery technology, top-notch, Japan and South Korea
Lithium ion battery is still the mainstream, in addition to people to use the hydrogen fuel cells in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), but several orders of magnitude due to the high cost of lithium ion battery don't have widely used commercial value. Lithium ion battery technology has entered the mature stage, although there will be no technical progress by leaps and bounds, but still slow promotion in the energy density.
Mainstream batteries manufacturer in Japan and South Korea, the domestic partial mid-range. Because the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market is not as large as a mobile phone industry, so for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the battery is not much. Mobile phone only require energy density (energy density) volume, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as well as energy density and power density energy density (quality).
Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) batteries in addition to batteries battery management chip was needed to protect and manage the battery. Uav BMS company not especially strong field, many so-called do the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery companies are direct selling without batteries battery management system.

   Reveal unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) power supply structure, reliable is preferred
A good architecture can get twice the result with half the effort, such as construction workers in accordance with the drawings to do the simple things, tall building will be finished. As engineers don't just move brick, but also care about their move brick is to build a church or a bridge, so you know all the things in the overall effect and value.
Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) power supply scheme design of software architecture, to do between each layer and each module which function is defined, each layer of interface between modules to define good, guarantee to do the right thing. A good architecture makes the decoupling between each layer of each module, also facilitate future upgrades to our layer in this module, do not affect the other parts, or the layer does not spread to other places, this module problems must appear in the design of the design of the social phenomena.
For power supply area: the main energy distribution, electricity use where go to, the conversion efficiency, voltage is fixed in a couple of platform, for flight control is very important part of independent power supply, such as to avoid other part failure affect flight control, these points need to be planned in advance.
Hierarchical module principles: battery, charger, various modules such as plane, App, remote control, or a station or level, in which level monitoring state, in which level protection, in which the    level alarm, what the user sees, the user can operate the plan ahead of schedule, which is to display (including light) or the alarm, protection, and other processing. And whether to do multilayer protection multilayer alarm, their order. The weak link to special consideration, even redundant.

    Improve the battery energy density, extended range
The core of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery technology difficult point is to improve the battery life, this is also a bottleneck in the industry, most of the battery life is more than ten minutes to half an hour.
There are several factors affect the battery life: battery life = battery quality proportion of the total weight of aircraft * energy density force effect.
Only increase the battery capacity can't significantly increase the battery life, because the weight is also on the rise, when the battery weight more than 30% of the weight increase battery capacity contribution to the battery life is more and more small, even if the weight is all batteries have a theoretical limit.
If adding force effect is aerodynamic layout, the motor efficiency, with the propeller and motor.
Increase the battery energy density can significantly improve the battery life, so how to improve the
battery energy density?

   1) reduce the fixed bracket of battery accessories such as weight, but this is a compromise between reliability and energy density, limited contribution.
2) the battery is the contradiction between the energy density and power density, high power density of batteries in order to increase the output power you need to increase the conductive component, and the conductive component will not increase the battery capacity, resulting in a decline in energy density; High capacity and output power. Is the key power to match, to understand the actual uav in the power consumption under the conditions of various flight attitude in satisfying the needs of the flight based on the maximum power of the energy density to maximum.
3) there are now some dozens of C even 30 C uavs batteries, equivalent to the tank engine installed on the car, you can't make a sports car, on the contrary make a dramatic drop in the energy density, short battery life. Battery life short discharge faster, charging and fast, so adverse to the battery life is also, form a vicious circle. Our unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery cycle life of up to 500 times, is also leading in the industry.
4) to sum up that is in at the same time meeting the power density is the pursuit of high energy density can increase the battery life, not just the pursuit of power density with large ratio of batteries. Battery internal resistance will increase in use process, of course, will decay, high temperature affect longevity, low temperature impact out of electricity, comprehensive consider many factors to make unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has a long battery life. Xinjiang drone battery energy density in 180 Wh/kg, general brand in 160 ~ 170 Wh/kg, our uavs batteries can do 235 Wh/kg, are among the best in the industry. This is also our battery life is one of the reasons for a one hour.

   Advanced cell technology, intelligence and body
Intelligent battery monitor the battery voltage, current, temperature, capacity, battery, battery short circuit protection, overcharge, discharge, over current, over temperature; Allow the battery to work in the normal range, tell the upper state of battery, extend battery life. Sell a lot of model aircraft batteries without protection on the market; And lithium electricity is very fragile, overcharge discharge will be damaged or shorter service life (can't be used dozens of cycle), the serious of the drum, discharge, even fire explosion. So you need to smart battery technology to monitor and protect the batteries.
Electric cars can be parked on the side of the road, without electricity but fly in the sky of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is power off fall that is fatal. Because of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery life is short, don't have much free time for smooth processing power, so its accuracy to meet the requirements of products such as mobile phone, requires very complex optimization, this is the commanding heights of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery monitoring technology.
 At present a lot of model aircraft players only look at the battery voltage decided to life, this way, the error is very great. Battery capacity and voltage is not a linear relationship, even if the same battery different temperature, different loads, the old and new batteries voltage is different. Only by voltage or too conservative lead to capacity is not fully released, battery life is short, or set too low lead to blow, can according to the load, environmental temperature, and so on and so forth, such as real-time adjustment. We can the quality of the battery technology drains battery energy, make life 10% ~ 10%. This is also our battery life for as long as an hour of another important reason.
   Battery explosion is terrible, safety first
Reliability is an eternal theme and the competitiveness of products, also the industrial difference of drones and consumption. The reliability of the ascension, from batteries, battery pack design, BMS, alarm and protection, the whole machine to consider.
Treat battery fire questions are treading on thin ice, ponder over a problem from the view of murphy's law. Front end quality management to fine, batteries consistency is a major source of the problem. Is not advocating a complete reliance on powerful external equilibrium to solve the inconsistency of the battery, if there is an inconsistency that have potential pitfalls, cannot continue to use. Strong external balance just let user can't see problems, should also has not eliminated. To change the conventional battery manufacturer: when charging the battery safety is the most important, flying aircraft safety is the most important. Strengthen the protection and monitoring, abnormal cells of early detection, don't let the problem battery explosion in the air.
The reliability of the battery design in addition to heat, don't let the failure to consider the diffusion. Battery pack don't like fireworks, a Fried batteries other followed burned; Careful with large capacity batteries, a firecracker explosion impact is not big, but the influence of a grenade explosion is big. The battery itself is very fragile, and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) often hashing; Structure design, in addition to the heat dissipation and weight on the vibration and impact should be considered.
Finally let users do not feel the existence of the battery is the best design, the user need not battery, but can fly enjoyable experience. Don't put the user training to become experts, too complicated things can't let the user action, try to be intelligent, users can fly how long is not complex parameters.

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