Maintenance and use of model battery

            Please note that either 3.7V or 1.2V Ni MH battery, and is not a full battery voltage at. Fo lithium to
Say, after full voltage up to 4.2V, I believe most people has a mobile phone battery charger, you can see,
Generally above the output voltage is 4.2V. And full of nickel metal hydride can reach about 1.5V.  
In addition to the voltage, then the capacity and discharge rate. The battery capacity to MAH (MAH) as a unit, the discharge rate of C for
Company。 In C number, simply say. 1C is different for different capacity batteries. 1C refers to the battery discharge with 1C can be
Work for 1 hours. Cases: 1500mah battery capacity continued working for 1 hours, then the average current is 1500mA, 1.5A, 1.5A is
The 1C. of the battery if the above nominal 10C. the maximum discharge current is 1.5A*10=15A. That is to say this
  The battery is safe to use under 15A.  
Another example of the 1000mah content of 1C is 1000mA, that is 1A. If the above nominal 15C. the largest discharge current is
1A*15=15A, the maximum current is 15A. battery but the batteries with 15A, 10C discharge,
Theoretically maximum current operation using 60/10=6 minutes. 1000mah to 15A, 15C to discharge theory
This current can be used for 60/15=4 minutes. So relatively speaking, 1500mah, 10C battery to use for a long time.  
So buy a battery to see the number of C is not enough. C small discharge cells may be larger than the C number of large discharge. With the
Capacity dependent.
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