Model battery knowledge

               General knowledge of model aircraft batteries, charging and discharging related data (a) charging the highest voltage 4.20V this common sense that the majority of friends can know. 4.20V is always the highest voltage of lithium polymer batteries, but with the development and improvement of technology, the majority of manufacturers of lithium polymer batteries can safely reach 4.25V, and some top technology manufacturers can do 4.30V, 4.30V voltage is the high voltage current technology. Because our model with a polymer battery charger is basically a set voltage of 4.20V, so in accordance with the 4.20V charge on it. If it is in other ways to increase the maximum voltage (such as 4.35V), will cause irreversible damage to the battery, avoid.
    Two) the minimum discharge voltage of 2.75V may have a lot of friends die would be surprised, because the 2.75V discharge minimum voltage will make them confused, a lot of new friends and even die into the battery businesses some brands will be considered to be 3.70V, this is a mistake. Each battery battery factory we Bayi are 4.20V to 2.75V the voltage phase of the test, you are in the hands of each group "81#" and "the Palestinian general" battery are the lowest voltage discharge test of 2.75V, whether it is from the theory of data within the framework of the battery, or from the discharge the measured battery speaking, are the lowest voltage of 2.75V. So please rest assured that the bold discharge to the 2.75V limit, so that the use will not affect the life of the battery. Here is a very important situation must be to the majority of the model friends, first let me tell you about the electric voltage of the approximate parameters. 2.75V = 0%; 3.56V = 5%; 3.70V = 10%; 3.75V=20% = 50%; 3.85V. The comparison between the voltage and the power we use "approximately" symbol, because there is no corresponding relationship between the absolute accuracy between them, just like 10000MAH's battery will never be just accurate to 10000MAH such as. Philosopher said that there are no two identical leaves in the world, I want to say is that the world can not find the same parameters of the core of the two, only the same parameters. Well, if not do high precision battery research and research data above can treat data as a standard. We can see from the above comparison between the battery voltage, when the voltage of the battery to 3.56V is only 5% of the electricity, the 5% power if mishandled, will soon reach or exceed the limit value of 0%, more than the limit value, the battery immediately flatulence. Assuming a model of the battery in the plane can fly 10 minutes, then the electricity can only support for up to 30 seconds, even if you only more than 5 seconds, it is bound to cause flatulence. Taking into account a lot of novice friends can not accurately grasp the value of this discharge, there will be a lot of model aircraft batteries recommended to the discharge of 3.70V to terminate the discharge voltage. In addition, the voltage value is above the voltage without load, and the load voltage is determined according to the discharge current. To learn more about the load voltage can be added Q group: 250438421. We have a large amount of data available to you.
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