Model airplane

    Type of aircraft
   Now the popular models on the market can be roughly divided into:
There are 2 types of engine: front engine and rear engine
The advantage of the model of the front engine is to turn and operate more flexible
The advantage of the rear engine model is that it is not easy to hit the ground when the propeller is damaged
There are 2 types of propellers, one of which is counter rotating and the other one (there is only one single spin)
   The contra rotating propeller means that the.2 or 4 engines are symmetrical and backward. The advantage is that the flight is very stable

The same to the propeller is.2 or 4 engine rotate in one direction. The advantage is that if you bad as non straw back to the miserable mace? Ao?? then this model even if you do not control the direction of flight when it will do great circle movement in a certain airspace. This aircraft will not fly too far. If you need to reach for the propeller rotation and accurate forward standards need to adjust the tail. The specific regulation see tail regulation.

      The role of model airplane
    Military tools:You can use the radio remote control model aircraft as the forces and the militia to air shooting training target. When training, complete straight flight, turning, rising, subduction and other maneuvers through the radio remote control equipment and even complete HM drone, parachute, bombs, rockets, launch model cast drogue stunts in the drone on. In the shooting time, can be in the tens of meters distance HM drone tail dragging a target color bag, to avoid destroying the target bag as the target drone.

  Photographic editing
   :Again, in the radio remote control model aircraft equipped with a camera, you can shoot some aerial photography on the ground, it is not easy to close to wild animals and plants, can even shoot some very dangerous stunts or battle scenes.
    Agricultural application  :
You can use the model aircraft carrying pesticide pest control, dragging a nylon line from a hill to another hill by aircraft model aircraft, and then converted to the cables, the alpine line. You can also use the model aircraft into the clouds, the catalyst, artificial rainfall, etc..
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