Model knowledge

    Aviation model is a general term for various aircraft models. It includes model aircraft and 

other model aircraft. Aero model activities attracted much attention from the beginning, and 

thousands of years. The main reason is that plays an important role in the cultivation of it to the 

development of the aviation industry and science and technology talents.

      An air - borne, size - limited, remotely manned aircraft with or without an engine.
The modern 

aviation model is divided into five categories: free flight, line control, radio remote control, 

simulation and electric. According to the dynamic mode is divided into: piston engines, jet engines, 

rubber and dynamic model of the aircraft and unpowered model glider, etc.. Aviation model of maximum 

lift area of 500 square centimeters; maximum weight of 25 kg; piston engine maximum working volume 

Aviation model contest subjects: blank time, flight speed, flight distance, stunt combat, 

etc.. At present the world championship with 30 projects, the next year to hold a. Aviation model 

also has a record of the absolute record of the project.
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