How hard is it to make a model engineer build a real aircraft that can fly?

    Compared to the traditional aircraft designers and high performance UAV designers, a model 

aircraft designers generally lack the following capabilities: first, structural design. For the model 

aircraft, especially the sports machine, a lot of time can take a very rude way to design the 

structure. It is a common practice to use a heavy, heavy plate in a place where there is no need to 

use some glue to fix some structures. Of course, the purpose of this is to reduce the cost or reduce 

the complexity of the process, as well as special reinforcement in some places to withstand rough 

landing (because the model may not be good enough to manipulate the technology). But for the use of 

the value of the aircraft, it is very bad to do so. And the general model structure efficiency is not 

high, so in fact can not carry any load. Of course, the model may be in addition to a set of FPV 

equipment is also nothing to bring god. But for the practical value of the aircraft is not the same. 

And aeroelastic problems on the general model is not considered, but the big guy, this is a headache 

    Process and material is also a problem. Basically the model designer in the design to take into 

account the material is wood or composite glass fiber and carbon fiber. But for metal materials, is 

about a question three do not know. How to design a semi monocoque metal body? How to make aluminum 

sheet metal? How to rivet? How is the metal beam connected to the fuselage? How to strengthen the 

openings? Oh, let's talk about world peace. In the compound is also. The model manufacturers for 

composites is not very high, so you want to let them make clear what what what the glue with carbon 

fiber, what size autoclave temperature much much pressure, they will only give you about working at 

the master, and then let him feel to. Even the wood, the model designer may not be proficient. 

Because of the small size and weight, that is, the material properties of wood are not fully 

developed. Again, the design of the aerodynamic shape of the idea will be very different. In any 

case, it is in the worst of the aircraft will not appear on the aircraft trainer head of this crude 

to outrageous shape.
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