Design of model airplane

         1, design thinking. Large aircraft and small aircraft design ideas are not the same, not to mention the aircraft and model aircraft. Because of the simple structure light weight, model did not consider the physical constraints limit the structural strength and the overload of the model only can be in a certain range of flight is good, but the real aircraft design must consider many factors, each kind of design scheme is the influence of various factors on the balance.

   2, power aspects. Aircraft flight speed doubled, the engine power will become 8 times the original, the aircraft flight speed, the greater the thrust requirements. Now the aero engine thrust weight ratio increase is really very difficult, so to make full use of the thrust of the engine, and other components must lift the flap aileron is very well designed to generate enough lift. But due to the power of the model aircraft, there is no concern in this regard. This is why many models can fly out of the real aircraft can not do strange action.

    3, structural strength. Due to the size effect, the aircraft needs to optimize the structural design, so as to meet the strength requirements as far as possible to reduce the quality of the structure. There is a saying that "in order to reduce the quality of each gram of struggle", but the model does not need to worry so much, many times with the framework of foam, plastic or wood structure can meet the requirements.

   4, control aspects. Model aircraft are generally controlled by the ground, direct remote control servo motor can control the flight control of the rudder. The model aircraft in flight by the less interference, so simple to control. However, when the aircraft is flying, the air flow is complicated, and the feedback torque is large. To deal with the complex flight conditions, people can not rely on the plane, the aircraft has a complex power system and control agencies, and even the ability to automatically control the autonomous flight, which is not the model aircraft.   RC  Heli Battery 

   5, security aspects. The model is low cost and no one, so occasionally some small failure is acceptable, it is inevitable. But the high cost of the aircraft, but also related to human life, while the risk of flight speed is large, it is necessary to minimize the risk as much as possible. The plane of the key parts of many institutions have more than one, there is a safety margin, a bad one immediately involved in the work to ensure flight safety, it is not a model can be forced landing and recovery, but the aircraft can not easily crash. These are some of my views, it is not comprehensive, because the aircraft design is a large systematic project, many professionals need to design a few years to complete. As the fuel system and the economy of these I do not mention, because it really is can be seen but have little talent and less learning, and to make the design of the aircraft model aircraft designers, it is hard too hard too hard too hard too hard too hard too hard too XD

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