Completely from the design of an aircraft, is a system engineering, involving many professional work, including the overall aerodynamic, structure, strength, flight control, avionics, control, hydraulic, fuel, electrical and other professional work together for many years, to design a decent aircraft test process aircraft design to do a variety of front to back are: wind tunnel test, whether it is designed by the aerodynamic shape, or reverse engineering the aerodynamic shape to the process, to do the wind at low speed and high speed wind tunnel test. Static test and fatigue test of aircraft, mainly used to verify the rationality of design, the need to complete the aircraft manufacturing, static test to destroy aircraft, aircraft static strength test, fatigue test machine dedicated to verify fatigue performance of aircraft. The second is the function of the test system, each subsystem to verify the functions, on the ground, a system is a system to do the test, such as engine switch, hydraulic system leakage etc., a 737 similar aircraft to go through the function test about 150 or so, can finally first flight. Don't worry, this is not the end, it is proved that the aircraft can fly, if you want to sell aircraft, also need a lot of flight, flying out of various limit state of the aircraft, draw the flight envelope, and verify whether the design meets the aircraft airworthiness standards. Usually this stage to many years, ARJ21 aircraft from 2008 to complete the first flight, by the end of 2014 was finally completed all flight test subjects, got the airworthiness certificate, which also set the national strength. How hard it is to get a plane, I've been a very streamlined project, there are countless R & D experiments, etc.. Model aircraft in the design of the aircraft in the eyes of people, is a toy, there is no reference. If you design a real airplane, you need to start from scratch.  RC HELI LIPO BATTERY
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