Classification of model aircraft

        From my understanding, the aircraft is divided into 2 major categories, such as real model aircraft, as well as non real model aircraft.
Like a real model aircraft, refers to the real aircraft as a reference, to reduce the proportion of aircraft.
Not like a real model aircraft, it is not a reference to the real aircraft, just as the model developed aircraft.
Whether it's a real model plane or a model plane, it can be broken down into smaller classes
Exercise machine / sports machine | high-speed aerobatic machine | glider | machine, racing machine
Exercise machine / exercise machine: exercise machine is generally refers to the pneumatic structure is relatively stable, the speed is low, easy to novice reaction and control models. Sports machine is relatively higher speed, better flexibility, can be used as a training machine.RC HELI LIPO BATTERY

Stunt flying machine: there are many levels and types of stunt flying machines, such as 3A, 3D models, refers to a particular standard match, and meet the performance requirements of the aircraft, are classified as 3A or 3D. We often hear the so-called 3D machine, just a short term, but does not represent the aircraft flying in the 3D space, if you can not fly in the 3D space, can only run on the ground. That's a car or a ship (see below)
Glider: a glider with power and an unpowered glider. The general characteristic is dexterous, leisurely, for the novice to operate a frame powered glider is not difficult, but to make a high level glider or to rely on air control in a glider and requires considerable level.
High speed / racing machine: as the name implies is the pursuit of high-speed aircraft.
For the name and meaning of the model match, see the following description:
    Free flight class (class P1)
P1A - traction model glider (P1A-1, P1A-2 two)
P1B - rubber model glider (P1B-1, P1B-2 two)
P1C - piston engine model glider (P1C-1, P1C-2 two)
P1D - indoor model aircraft (sub P1D-1, P1D-2 two)
P1E - electric model aircraft
P1F - rubber model helicopter
P1S - hand model glider (divided into blank time and distance)
P1T - ejection model glider
Two, line control class (class P2)
P2B - line manipulation stunt model aircraft (points P2B-1, P2B-2, P2B_3 three)
P2C - line control team racing model aircraft
P2D - line operated air combat model aircraft
P2E - line control electric stunt model aircraft (P2E-1, P2E-2 two)
P2X - wire controlled rubber model aircraft
Three, radio remote control (class P3)
P3A - radio remote control stunt model aircraft (sub P3A-1, P3A-2 two)
P3B - radio remote control model glider (sub P3B-1, P3B-2 two)
P3E - radio remote control electric model aircraft P3K
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