Application of multi rotor UAV in high rise building fire

      The high-rise building fire fighting has been a problem in the world, many big city CBD once the row upon row of tall buildings, the fire, the bottom floor can also put out a fire by the fire sprinkler.
A fire can occur on a very high floor, and we need to determine the fire as soon as possible.
The emergence of multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicles to better improve the identification of high-level fire situation.
Usually multi rotor UAV equipped with thermal infrared imager and gas detectors, ground control personnel remote control aircraft near the top of the fire scene, thermal infrared imager can measure the temperature of the fire scene,  RC HELI LIPO BATTERY
The gas detector can monitor the scene of fire which toxic gases.
After a quick understanding of the situation, the ground fire officers and soldiers can quickly develop a detailed program of fire fighting.
Multi rotor UAV has appeared in many cities fire fighting scene, a lot of newspapers.  
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